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04 March 2011

N'Sync I Drive Myself Crazy Lyrics

N'Sync I Drive Myself Crazy Lyrics:

Lying in your arms
So close together
Didn't know just what I had
Now I toss and turn
Cause I'm without you
How I'm missing you so bad

Where was my head
Where was my heart
Now I cry alone in the dark

I lie awake
I drive myself crazy
Drive myself crazy
Thinking of you
Made a mistake
When I let you go baby
I drive myself crazy
Wanting you the way that I do
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(Wanting you the
way that I do)

I was such a fool
I couldn't see it
Just how good you were to me
You confessed your love
Undying devotion
I confessed my need to be free

And now I'm left
With all this pain
I've only got myself to blame


Why didn't I know it
(How much I loved you baby)
Why couldn't I show it
(If I had only told you)
When I had the chance
Oh I had the chance

----> OMG!!! sumpah!! memang HOT GILERRR!!!! hahaha!! tak sangke lah diorang ni kyut gak tyme mudeee!! aku agi kecil la waktu tu.. mana tau sangat .. tau2 pun, lagu doirang!! ahahah !! besttt dooo!!! <----
♥ hidup ini indah tapi tak seindah surga. ingatlah Allah sentiasa ada untuk kita. Amin :') ♥


ch!natsu said...

oh rindunyer band nie.. huhu~

nurul emildza bt jaya said...

hahahah kan2.. band yang hot masa tu. selain BSB.. ahhaha !!

[sutera kasih] said...

lagu zaman marek2 tok hehe