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Having a great name is wonderful feelings i ever had. Nurul Emildza Binti Jaya. Born on May 1991. Live at Kuching Sarawak. Borneo blood. Mix bidayuh malay. Having a suck life but still make it wonderful. No one knows what she's feelings until they know her. If they know. If only the knew the truth. But not inside. the best word for describe her " AKU TABAH BERJALAN SEMBUNYIKAN HARAPAN..." - xoxo

13 February 2011

starlight tears english lyrics Boys Over Flowers OST

feeling really sad rite now... btw, thanks boy.. you open my eyes.. i know i'm wrong.. my mistake!! make your gf hurt !! i do this just to remember you!! not for hurt her!! sorryy!! you happy, i'm happy.. =)

just smile EMEL... sabar dalam kehidupan.. apa berlaku ada hikmah nya.. this is the last...

♥ hidup ini indah tapi tak seindah surga. ingatlah Allah sentiasa ada untuk kita. Amin :') ♥