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28 January 2011



 ♥ Chansung : 황찬성 / Hwang Chan Sung - February 11, 1990 - 2nd Rapper/Vocalist/Dancer/Model/Actor - Christianity.

Jaebeom : 박재범 / Park Jae Beom - April 25, 1987 - Christianity - Leader/Lead Dancer/Lead rapper/Support vocal - He was born and lived in Seattle, USA where he also auditioned. He graduated from Dankook University.

Nichkhun : 닉쿤 / นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล / Nichkhun Horvejkul - June 24, 1988 - Vocalist/Dancer/Actor/Model - Buddhism - He was born in America, but he went to Thailand and he was raised there, and he grew up there so he can speak Thai, then he moved back to Los Angeles, USA for school.

Junsu : 김준수 / Kim Junsu - January 15, 1988 - Buddhism - Lead Vocal/Rapper/Dancer

Taecyeon : 옥택연 / Ok Taec Yeon - December 27, 1988 - Main Rapper/Dancer/Model/Actor - Christianity - Taecyeon is shortened to Taec. He lived in Beford, MA, USA during his childhood but was born in Seoul.

Junho : 이준호 / Lee Junho - January 25, 1990 - Main vocalist/Lead dancer - Christianity.

Wooyoung : 장우영 / Jang Woo Young - April 30, 1989 - Vocalist/Dancer - Atheism.

                         The 2PM members all auditioned to become part of JYP Entertainment, where the Wonder Girls also belong to. Some members, including Jaebeom who auditioned in USA, auditioned from other countries. Their training days are filmed on a documentary called Hot Blood Men that aired on Mnet, along with the members of 2AM. The show documented the rigorous training program of JYP trainees as well as the elimination of three of trainees from the group.                          They are all trained in dancing, acrobatics and singing. They debuted with their song "10 Out Of 10" on September 4, 2008. Then on October 17, 2008, they started to promote "Only You" another song from their debut mini album "Hottest Time of the Day." Cover of 2PM's debut single, "Hottest Time of the Day." On April 16, 2009, they released the album "2:00 PM Time For Change" On Thursday May 7, 2009, they won First place in M.Net Countdown

♥ hidup ini indah tapi tak seindah surga. ingatlah Allah sentiasa ada untuk kita. Amin :') ♥

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